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Just 2 hours away from the bustling city hubs of Johannesburg and Pretoria lies our most enchanting lodge in Mpumalanga. Sweeping mountains and forests surround the area, with our self-catering lodge perched snugly on the very top of one of the many hills. Drakenzicht is the one place in Mpumalanga where you can enjoy both supreme relaxation as well as action-filled adventures.

Tee off on our golf course and unwind at our mountain retreat

Of all of the lodges in Mpumalanga, ours is the one that is as much for the golfer as it is for the nature enthusiast. If you need to escape the city and you are looking to enjoy a few rounds of golf, Drakenzicht is the place. We offer all of our guests the finest Mpumalanga accommodation, the perfect place where they can relax with family and breathe in the clear mountain air.

View the mountains from your front door

Few self-catering lodges in Mpumalanga offer the kind of view that we have at the great rates we offer. After a weekend with us, and you will feel as though you have spent your time in another world, away from all of the chaos and rush of the city. And because of our location, along with the hospitality that we have to offer, your stay with Drakenzicht is one that is sure to revive your senses and leave you feeling refreshed.

It is not only the city go-getter to whom we offer accommodation in our lodge in Mpumalanga, we are also the ideal overnight destination for international visitors and those who are on their way to the Kruger National Park. If you are on holiday and traveling around the Lowveld, a stop at Drakenzicht will be a highlight on your journey.

The views along with our lodge being located well away from the bright city lights, Drakenzicht is one of the ideal romantic getaways in Mpumalanga. The winter nights are exceptionally cosy, while the summers are cooled off by the mountain air. Couples are going to enjoy the exclusion and the privacy that is offered when staying here. We often have Mpumalanga Accommodation Weekend Specials going so please enquire from Marcelle or Thys about this.

We are also one of the very best Mpumalanga resorts and lodges catering for families with children. Giving your children the opportunity to spend time in nature is important these days, and when your family stays with us you won’t be bored for a moment. With an outdoor swimming pool and a 9-hole golf course, you are never going to run out of things to do. Located in the gorgeous Schoemanskloof Valley, there always things to do.

Don’t you think it is time to get back in touch with nature?

The Schoemanskloof Valley has really come into its own in recent years. What was once considered just a passageway through the mountains has now become a dream holiday destination. The Schoemanskloof Valley is located between Montrose and the Drakensberg Mountain Escarpment, a stretch of road that consists of an array of orchards including citrus, pecan and pomegranate, all lying along the banks of the Crocodile River.

Schoemanskloof accommodation offers the utmost tranquillity; very few other areas can give you such serene views and a complete escape from the modern, busy world.  In many ways, the area is still a somewhat hidden holiday destination, one of the few remaining stunning destinations that are free from that overpopulated tourist feel.  It offers complete privacy while not letting you feel as though you have been cut off completely. It is the ideal area for a weekend away.

Welcome to the Highlands Meander

What an exquisite province Mpumalanga is. Mountains dot the skyline, rugged landscapes of untouched nature on rolling hills at various altitudes have created a panorama that is made for those who love nature and who like to be active outdoors. When first driving into the highlands, the summer months will present you with lush greenery while the winter months will give you patches of dried grass and trees shedding leaves.

This is the highlands meander and each year, as the beauty of this region gains fame, more visitors are spending time here and falling in love. The area is not just a spectacularly beautiful place to visit, it is also an action packed place to have a holiday. With numerous hiking trails and plenty of places to hook some fish, you are sure to find your ideal holiday right here.

With so much to do when you are staying in the highlands meander area, here is just a handful of the interesting activities:

Highlands Gate

Golf courses in Mpumalanga are pristine and playing golf is a wonderful way to unwind. At Highlands Gate their welcoming Mpumalanga golf course will provide you with many hours of gameplay. Highlands Gate, however, does not have accommodation, but since it is nearby to Drakenzicht, you can always travelling to our Mpumalanga accommodation to spend the evening in comfort. Our 9 hole golf course will be waiting for you the next morning. When playing golf with on our course, you will find that the experience is a little different to what you are used to. We offer a relaxed golfing experience that is not at all rushed. You can take your time, spending the whole morning walking the green grass from hole to hole, enjoying every moment.

Fly fishing

With the pristine rivers and streams that run through this region, you can be sure that they are every fisherman’s dream. If you are the type who enjoys the serene sounds of flowing water along with the excitement of the catch, you can drive from the chalets of your Schoemanskloof accommodation and spending some time indulging in a calming pastime that is so very popular in this area. Kurperis the breed of fish most commonly caught when fishing.


Just taking a look out of the chalet will treat you to the most spectacular view of untouched nature. And what better way to spend your time in this glorious nature than to take a hike? It is not only the surrounding highlands meander area that is filled with hiking trails, Drakenzicht has ample place to hike.  The trails in the area are easy to follow and will treat you to fresh air, quiet solitude and the occasional animal sighting. Should you be staying for a few days and be an avid hiker, why not explore some of the region’s more popular trails?


Did you know that light pollution has all but destroyed the opportunity to star gaze in urban areas? There are many, many regions in the world where seeing stars is truly something special. When you are out in the quiet, peaceful and very dark area of Schoemanskloof, you will be far enough away from the light pollution of the urban areas to be able to see stars as you have never seen them before. When you will are staying at Drakenzicht you should consider buying a stargazing guide book for the southern hemisphere so that you can spot those famous constellations. There are a number of ways that you can treat yourself to some star gazing. Lay back beneath the stars and simply take in the sheer enormity of the heavens, there are few places you will be treated to such clear skies. If you are more of an avid sky gazer be sure to pack your telescope.